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        Yuri Eugenievich Ostashenko was born on the 13th of March 1965.

         He is engaged in sport with dogs and dogs training since 1980. In 1983 he has finished courses of instructors. In 1983-1985 served in the Soviet Army in the Central School of Military Dog Training (Ministry of Defence of USSR). He was training dogs on mine detecting. Military speciality instructor of service dogs.

         In 1988 Yuri Ostashenko became a head of Timiryazevsky club of dog training. The team and sportsmen of the club repeatedly became prizewinners and champions of Russia in different kinds of cynological sport.

         In 1994 Yuri Ostashenko initiated organization of the first Russian Championship of cynological sport out of the kennel-clubs system. Since that time he is at the head of Executive Committee of national competitions. Yuri Ostashenko made a great contribution to the forming of the system of sports cynological events in Russia. With his help cynological sport in 1997 was included into the state programs of physical education of the population in Russia and in 2000 got a support of the Russian Olympic Committee. In 1998 Yuri Ostashenko was elected Vice-President of the Russian League of Cynologists national sports organization, authorized by the Russian State Committee for physical culture and sport and the Russian Olympic Committee to develop cynological sport in Russia.

         Yuri Ostashenko represents the Russian League of Cynologists in the Russian Olympic Committee, he is a member of the Russian Committee of National and Non-Olympic Kinds of Sport. Officer of the State Committee for physical culture and sport. Coach of the highest category (state certificate), judge of the national category.

         Suggested a concept of development of cynological sport on the international level and its integration into the international sports system. Initiator of the creation of the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS). In 2000 was elected the IFCS President on the Constituent Congress.

         Higher education. Finished Russian State institute of cinematography, speciality film-dramatist. Author and director of the documentary Dogs life, which was screened in 1990. The film is devoted to philosophic consideration of relationship between man and dog.

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